Monkey in the yard

Our backyard in Brasilia is a virtual zoo of every kind of animal you can imagine.DSC_0585


V-1 Rocket at National Air and Space Museum, DC

The buzz-bomb that the Germans used to attack London and Antwerp during World War II.

Attack of the sheep!

Sheep at a farm in Jamaica. 

Endless parade of noisy sheep.


Jamaican Goat in line at the gas station

Jamaican Goat in line at the gas station

Jamaican Goat in line at the gas station


Marine Ball

Marine Ball

Some final time in Hawaii before the big move

Frank and Margaret at the "edge" of Waikiki

We’re Packed!

As unbelievable as it felt a few days ago, we are actually done packing out. The movers took two days (!) and had to call a second truck for the overflow!

Who knew we owned so much stuff (about 8000 pounds estimated). Half of it will not be seen for at least five years – hope it enjoys the storage in Hagerstown, Maryland.

We are in Waikiki until we fly out on 9/9.  DC here we come!

Getting close to leaving — Last Toastmaster meeting

Selling all sorts of items and packing the rest. We are getting closer to leaving.
Had wonderful send off today from my friends at Toastmasters. They even had a cake! At the same time I received my Competent Communicator and Competent Leader Awards.
The great group has encouraged me to continue with Toastmasters where ever I go. I’ll miss them.

Kafe Europa is Closed

The Lavoie Ohana sends out warm thanks to our wonderful customers. On Wednesday, July 27 we shut the doors on Kafe Europa after seven years of providing food to the best customers around.

We had long lines, many photo ops, and plenty of food  during our final day. We appreciate the many leis, tips and good wishes that  we received.

We are in the process of selling the equipment and cleaning out the location over the next few days. For those who want to stay in touch, this site, our foreign service blog, or  our soon to be Kafe Europa Facebook page will be available.

We will always have fond memories of our days at Kafe Europa. Our new diplomatic lifestyle will no doubt create many new memories, but Kafe Europa will always have a special place in our hearts.


Diplomacy awaits

Frank has been offered a position with the State Department as a Foreign Service Officer. He will be serving as a Consul. He is honored to be able to work as a diplomat for the United States.
Classes in Washington are due to begin September 12. Frank will be in the 163rd A-100 training class. The family will learn of its first diplomatic posting a month into training.
The family restaurant Kafe Europa will be closing July 26, 2011.
Check back for more exciting details as they emerge.